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Testimonials - Sun Foods


I am so impressed. I picked up a lunch boxers today on the run...This little meal tastes great, is convienently packaged, and has a little treat and even a wet nap for cleanup. It is affordable and I will buy them more often. Thanks for a really great alternative to unhealthy expensive fast food!
My family and I love "LunchBoxes"! I'm talking siblings and their families. We discovered them near my great niece's school at a Walgreen's... I can eat them all!!! We would love to have more variety and see more of the LunchBoxes at the Walgreen Store in Warren. I would like to order them direct for personal use. They are great if you are counting calories, they're nutritional, they're convenient, they are good!
Thank you!

M. D. Henderson
Detroit, MI
This is the most genius idea. I loved the idea of Lunchables (everything in one pack) but the food isn't up to par. But with your product the food is excellent, leaves me feeling satisfied and to top it off is healthy. I LOVE it!!! I'm a fan for life. Now... if you could just send some coupons my way that would be fabulous ;) I got everyone in the office one and cleaned out the local Target :)

Kristina Scott
Hey there! I've been trying your LunchBoxers and they are great!! The turkey is awesome and the ham is great as well. My husband has been taking them to work and my kids love them as well! This is a great idea and so much different then the "other" types of these products. Yours tastes high quality! Keep up the good work!

Candice Farmer
Herculaneum, Mo
I am dining on one of your lunch boxes and decided to go to your site. As it turns out I work for the American Red Cross Santa Clara Valley and I was thrilled to see our logo and store items under Disaster Services... keep up the great work and I love my lunch.

Elizabeth Leslie
I've had your LunchBoxers and they are the bomb! Good little lunch. Thanks.

Your LunchBoxers are great! We discovered them last week and they're perfect for me at work. About the only improvement I can think of would be including a beverage, but that might not be cost-effective for you. Anyway, thanks. I'm only hoping that at some point we can find these everywhere, and not just at a few selected stores.

David Cooper
Shoreline, Washington
Last week we tried your product – we bought one in each flavor - and he loves them all! We ran back to the store and bought six more – two in each flavor. He eats everything in the can and enjoys making his own lunch. It makes him feel independent... Keep Norwegian Jakes coming and thanks for making our lives more nutritious!

Lisa Boyd
Dumont, NJ
This is a great product and it’s filling also. Norwegian Jakes is perfect for older kids and busy adults. I just wish I could find your product at every store...

Jeannette Brown
Allyn, WA
Back at Child’s World, Tyler Sumner, 10, and Jared Sittante, 12, both of Burton, said they have taken the Lunchables to school in the past but would urge their parents to buy the BackPack Lunches.

"Easy as 1,2,3"
Ron Krueger, Food Writer
The Flint Journal, August 24, 2004
Where have you been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found you last Sunday and what a blessing you have been. Finally, I have a healthy alternative for lunch for my 10 year old son and myself. Having to settle with “Lunchables” for eternity hasn’t been a good thing. The word healthy isn’t in the “Lunchable” vocabulary. My son and I love your meals and are very excited about trying out each and every flavor. Keep them coming!!!! Are you going to come out with any more products? I’d love to hear about everything you have to offer.

Sincerely a fan,
Dianna Moore
This is a really neat product, it’s so convenient, it’s low in fat, there’s many flavors to choose from and as a Mom who has to get her husband and kids off to school while getting to work myself, this product makes a lot of sense. Where can I get them?

Office Administrator
The Royal Oak Tribune
Royal Oak, MI
Real People, Real Food – BackPack Lunches™ are perfect for blue collar, white collar, bus drivers, hair stylists, manufacturing employees – anyone who appreciates good, convenient food at reasonable prices.
I’m a working Mom with a picky 8-year-old son. Figuring out what to make him for lunch in school, at least something that he’ll like to eat is always stressful.
Just had my first Backpack Lunch and was very impressed. Great Idea.

Edward J. Moses Jr.
These Norwegian Jakes are better than the others.

Jeri Sumner
Flint, MI